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  • Anne – We Tutor UK

    Having experienced the service of Wilson Inks and Toners, I would thoroughly recommend them. The quality of service and goods is second to none. Good quality cartridges which saved us so much money. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  • Steven Walker – Motivation Matters

    Motivation Matters is a small business and we try to be paper-free! But no luck.

    We use a set of toner cartridges about every 18 months and carefully searching a well-known online retailer, we used to buy the four toner cartridges for £420 to £450. A big purchase!

    And then we met Adam. We were sceptical at first as it is an expensive printer and the manufacturer issues dire warnings about not using other people’s ink.

    But the cost saving is huge, and we dipped a toe in and bought a black cartridge.

    It works, pure and simple, it works, and it is the same capacity by the look of the consumption.

    We have now bought the whole set and saved ourselves a couple of hundred pounds!

    Adam is always buzzing in the background making sure things are good and he is prepared to drive half way across Suffolk to fix a problem! That wasn’t his cartridges at fault but a broken spring in the printer.

    We will always buy our toner from Wilsons Inks & Toners from now on.

    Stephen Walker


    Motivation Matters Limited

  • Juile – Stour Valley Apiaries

    Adam has saved us time and money by replacing our old printer with a Laser Jet printer.

    We really appreciated that Adam took the time to ask us questions about what our printing needs were and didn’t sell or tell us what we needed!

    Once Adam understood what we were doing and what we wanted he made some recommendations which we were very happy with and Adam even helped set it all up. Fantastic!

    Professional, friendly and efficient – a first class service.

  • Darren

    I have recently ordered some ink cartridges from Adam, his prices are very competitive and the delivery prompt. I would recommend him.

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